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A dynamic hub for BOLD innovators and creative change makers.
Nepal Communitere is an open and inclusive innovation hub for bold innovators and creative changemakers. As a vibrant community resource center we offer coworking,  Makerspace, training lab, and business incubation services to help people turn their brilliant ideas into reality. Our dynamic space, made from 16 donated shipping containers, is a place that values growth, learning and safe failure. We believe the process is as important, if not more so, than the product.

Our Services

I-Cube Business Incubation
Got a business you’ve been working on already? Enroll in our business incubation program that provides entrepreneurs with 1-1 coaching and masterclasses.
Work alongside other passionate teams and individuals building their ideas in our fully furnished co-working space with high-speed internet and backup electricity.
Create, prototype, and give life to your ideas in our model makerspace equipped with a 3D printer, plasma cutter, and all the other tools you need.
Host an Event or Workshop
Book our training lab or makerspace for your workshop or host an event at the Cargo Cafe with a variety options to engage your community in a dynamic learning and growing environment.
Book or Rent a Workspace at Nepal Communitere

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  • A Time for Pause
    A Time for Pause

    September has been a month of deep reflection for us at Nepal Communitere. Our team took time to pause, and determine what our true value add is for the diverse…

  • Nijgadh’s Airport: We need to ask questions!
    Nijgadh’s Airport: We need to ask questions!

    For or against-- it doesn't matter. We need more people to raise questions, to make conversations, to debate the issue. Start the conversation in your communities, at your college, within…

  • Little Big Fund at Nepal Communitere!
    Little Big Fund at Nepal Communitere!

    Nepal Communitere in partnership with Little Big Fund (LBF) hosted a two full day workshop this September.  LBF is a US-based non-profit organization that equips aspiring social impact leaders with…

  • Communicating Communitere
    Communicating Communitere

    I came in to Nepal Communitere towards the end of 2018, when the first year of I-Cube was coming to a close and all of the startups and the I-Cube…

  • Tenant Spotlight: Rammed Earth Solutions
    Tenant Spotlight: Rammed Earth Solutions

    Narayan Acharaya has been a part of the Nepal Communitere community since 2015. You can find him in one of our container offices, doing important work for Rammed Earth Solutions,…

  • If you wouldn’t eat it, why put it on your skin?”
    If you wouldn’t eat it, why put it on your skin?”

    At a time when we are surrounded by so many chemicals in so many forms that put our health at risk, such as pollutants that we breathe in every day…

  • In Conversation With Aarati Joshi!
    In Conversation With Aarati Joshi!

    Aarati Joshi is Nepal Communitere's Finance and Operations Manager, and brings a lot of experience and wisdom to the Nepal Communitere Family. Read more about the wonder woman who keeps…

  • Humanitarian Design Challenge!
    Humanitarian Design Challenge!

    Nepal Communitere, in partnership Field Ready, and local engineering clubs and universities across Nepal and Bhutan, is piloting the Humanitarian Design Challenge (HDC) in Nepal. The project which will officially…

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