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Nepal Communitere is an open and inclusive innovation hub for bold innovators and creative changemakers. As a vibrant community resource center we offer coworking,  Makerspace, training lab, and business incubation services to help people turn their brilliant ideas into reality. Our dynamic space, made from 16 donated shipping containers, is a place that values growth, learning and safe failure. We believe the process is as important, if not more so, than the product.

Our Services

I-Cube Business Incubation
Got a business you’ve been working on already? Enroll in our business incubation program that provides entrepreneurs with 1-1 coaching and masterclasses.
Work alongside other passionate teams and individuals building their ideas in our fully furnished co-working space with high-speed internet and backup electricity.
Create, prototype, and give life to your ideas in our model makerspace equipped with a 3D printer, plasma cutter, and all the other tools you need.
Host an Event or Workshop
Book our training lab or makerspace for your workshop or host an event at the Cargo Cafe with a variety options to engage your community in a dynamic learning and growing environment.
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  • In Conversation With Aarati Joshi!
    In Conversation With Aarati Joshi!

    Aarati Joshi is Nepal Communitere's Finance and Operations Manager, and brings a lot of experience and wisdom to the Nepal Communitere Family. Read more about the wonder woman who keeps…

  • Humanitarian Design Challenge!
    Humanitarian Design Challenge!

    Nepal Communitere, in partnership Field Ready, and local engineering clubs and universities across Nepal and Bhutan, is piloting the Humanitarian Design Challenge (HDC) in Nepal. The project which will officially…

  • Startup Spotlight: Ecoorb Initiative
    Startup Spotlight: Ecoorb Initiative

    Sunny Rajopadhyaya used to visit Chitwan regularly because he really enjoyed the environment there, especially the trees and the forests. In conversation with the people there, he learned that paper…

  • Anil Parajuli: Entrepreneur, Investor,Educator
    Anil Parajuli: Entrepreneur, Investor,Educator

    ‘करले होइन, रहरले नै देशमा बसेको मान्छे  On any given day, you’ll find Anil Parajuli at a road side local tea shop or a restaurant of his choice engaged in…

  • Sampurna: Inclusive Entrepreneurship
    Sampurna: Inclusive Entrepreneurship

    Suresh Bashyal says that this tradition of making footwear has been part of different communities for generations, and taking this tradition forward in a systematic way that allows all of…

  • Value Out of Waste
    Value Out of Waste

    Footpaths and gutters strewn with plastic waste, such as biscuit wrappers, is a common sight in Nepal. The plastic we see on the ground often ends up in streams, rivers,…

  • Dr. Padmakshi Rana on Sustainable Business Models
    Dr. Padmakshi Rana on Sustainable Business Models

    Padmakshi has over 10 years researching, understanding and consulting at the intersection of business sustainability and innovation. Her consultancy work and research interests focus on sustainable business models, value exchanges…

  • Startup Spotlight: Niure Pashu Bikash Farm
    Startup Spotlight: Niure Pashu Bikash Farm

    Mr. Sandip Niure, who is just 22 years old, is currently studying for his bachelors in business administration (BBA) degree at Oxford College of Engineering and Management in Chitwan. Just…

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