The Nepal Communitere Resource Center and Innovation Hub provides a space for creativity and innovation to sustainably rebuild, renew and develop Nepal by being a place that fosters creativity and connectivity, inspiring Nepali and international development efforts.

The Resource Center and Innovation Hub has been designed and established through a collaborative effort with our Nepali partners. On-going design sessions were held with over 25 existing Nepali organizations to ensure that the Resource Center is designed to meet the needs of the communities with which we will be working.

The Resource Center is located in the heart of the Kathmandu Valley in Lalitpur District near the UN House and the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus and includes resources such as high and low tech tools, a Makerspace, 3D printing facilities, co-working spaces and training and meeting spaces. The Center will develop organically over time and will seek to fulfill identified gaps to better meet the needs identified by the community. The Center will also act as an incubation space for organizations, start-ups and entrepreneurs with shared overhead enabling partner organizations to streamline their activities and focus their efforts on project based initiatives.