Partner with Nepal Communitere

Nepal Communitere’s core function is connection. We value partnerships and what they bring to the relief environment. There are many different areas of need post-disaster. We focus on collaborating with partners to gain a broad perspective of the overall situation so that a more comprehensive solution for the community is found.

Nepali Stakeholders and Organizations

Nepal Communitere is locally driven and aims to establish a long-term sustainable space for innovation and development to address the needs of the Nepali community. This can only be achieved by working closely with existing Nepali organizations and stakeholders. Organizations interested in partnering with us are welcome to contact us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from and working with you in the future.

International Organizations

International organizations, experts and resources are crucial to rebuilding Nepal in a sustainable and disaster resilient manner. We recognize the importance of cooperation and coordination between the international and Nepali organizations and communities by providing a space for exchange and collaboration. International organizations and groups interested in partnering with Nepal Communitere can contact us at [email protected].