Host an Event or Workshop

Host workshops, client meetings, trainings, meetups, and small sized networking events at Nepal Communitere. The Training Hall on site is fully equipped with an LED projector and whiteboard, and is ideal for hosting formal meetings, panels, talks, and workshops as it can be converted any way to suit your needs. TK on the size and capacity

We also have a courtyard in front of our in-house Cargo Cafe that can be rented out for networking events, gatherings, and meetups.

Bookings must be made 5 days in advance.

We’ve hosted happy hours every Friday, workshops, investor meetups, networking events for various organizations in Kathmandu, birthday parties, and a variety of other events here. Check out a few past events that we have hosted at Nepal Communitere so far:

For more details and prices, email Aarati Joshi: [email protected]


Nepal Communitere houses a model makerspace with all of the tools and resources you need to give life to your ideas. A makerspace is a place where people with shared interests can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

The makerspace and the innovation hub was founded after the 2015 earthquake in Nepal with the belief that innovation can flourish at a time of scarcity. You don’t have to be a professional engineer to come tinker around in our makerspace; you can be a social entrepreneur, an architect, a student, an artist, activist, anybody! You can come join use and learn how to use carpentry, welding, soldering, and 3D printing tools and equipment. Just come in with an idea, experiment, and leave with a complete project or product.

For a more expansive list of the tools and resources we have at the makerspace, check out this link:

Children under the age of 14 will have to be accompanied by an adult.

For more details and prices, email Aarati Joshi: [email protected]


Nepal Communitere provides a vibrant, inclusive community of creative and curious problem solvers and bold innovators. For two years now, Nepal Communitere has been hosting entrepreneurs, researchers, freelancers, innovators, and everybody in need of a not-so-typical and not-so-boring work space. We offer easy and affordable coworking facilities that include hot desks or private office spaces, that will optimize your productivity based on your personal needs and your work style.  

The space is peaceful and quiet when you want to work, but also very happening if you step out of your desks as our community is always excited about sharing ideas and projects. We offer desks in shared coworking areas, high speed internet with backup power, a communal kitchen where you can brew your own coffee and tea, and green spaces with excellent community if you want to stretch your legs and chat during your work breaks.

We have a trampoline to jump around and get those creative juices flowing. There is also the Cargo Cafe where you can indulge in light bites from Sweet Things by Anouk from Timro Concept Store for a refreshing beverage in the garden area.

Located in pulchowk right next to jhamsikhel, we’re easily accessible by public transportation and very easy to spot. It’s a central location where you can schedule meetings with clients, partners or collaborators.

We also have a model Makerspace, training lab, and courtyard space for community events, which you can hire if you need to!

Co-working – for 3 to 4 people

Monthly- Rs. 12000.00

Hotdesk – for 1 person

Daily 600/per day

Weekly- Rs. 2000.00

Monthly- Rs. 6000.00

For more details and prices, email Aarati Joshi: [email protected]

I-Cube Business Incubation 

The I-Cube Business Incubation Program is a safe space for your business to innovate, learn and move forward. Entrepreneurs who will create the next, big transformative idea for Nepal and beyond can only do so with a support system to take risks for innovation. The I-Cube Program helps the growth of such forward thinking businesses by helping them become adaptable in the face of uncertainties and ready to tap new opportunities.

The 10 month I-Cube program is based at Nepal Communitere in Pulchowk and gives entrepreneurs exclusive access to monthly masterclasses, 1-1 strategic business coaching, a network of industry experts and technical consultants, as well as a two-day bootcamp retreat.

The I-Cube Program is also being implemented in Chitwan in collaboration with Antarprerana, Presidency College, the local Chamber of Commerce and other collaborating partners.