The I³ Program is Nepal Communitere’s new holistic business incubation program designed to support Nepali businesses to build a strong foundation for growth and success. The one year program is being supported by UK Aid and will be based at Nepal Communitere in Pulchowk, Lalitpur providing one-on-one business coaching and mentoring, leadership development and direct access to financial and business networks. We provide a dynamic, collaborative space to equip entrepreneurs with the means to pioneer innovative solutions, iterate and refine their ideas, and become self-reliant.

I3 Incubation Program Overview

The I3 Incubation Program is a one year participatory learning experience that provides Nepali entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, tools, networks and resources they need to build a strong foundation for their enterprises.

The Incubator offers a flexible curriculum designed and delivered to allow entrepreneurs to determine their own action plans to meet specific milestones for success, growth and sustainability. This innovative learning model includes:

  • Monthly workshops with technical experts
  • Weekly business coaching and mentoring sessions to execute new knowledge and skills
  • Access to office hours with entrepreneurs and practitioners to offer strategy, direction, help with troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Retreats for peer-to-peer learning in a collaborative environment

Why Apply

  •  Business acumen: Gain access to a comprehensive business development curriculum and learning resources.
  •  Industry-specific expertise: Work with and learn from experts working within your industry through one-on-one coaching, in-person workshops and peer learning.
  •  Business coaching: Meet weekly with a designated business strategy coach who will help you address challenges that come up during the one year program.
  •  Professional support: Access pro-bono 1-on-1 advising and cut costs in marketing, fundraising, executive/leadership coaching, accounting and legal professionals and other advisors.
  •  Peer learning: Entrepreneurs in the cohort work collaboratively and learn from one another.
  •  Co-working space: 1 year free 24/7 access to the Nepal Communitere Makerspace, Resource Center and Co-Working space.
  •  Direct link to accelerators
  •  Access to capital: Intimate panels of donors, investors, lenders and funders give their tricks of the trade and help you determine what form of capital is best for your venture’s structure and scale.
  •  I3 program staff: Program staff ensure that you make valuable connections and receive appropriate assistance.
  •  Amplified visibility: Gain customers and visibility through I3 blog, social media networks and mailing list.


You are motivated, coachable and have a business venture that is feasible. Your business has had a presence in a market for approximately one year and is a legally registered Nepali-based company. Having a functioning leadership team is encouraged, but not required.

You are open and willing to:

  •  Incorporate external advice, services, mentoring and support
  •  Be part of a peer learning community
  •  Set and execute on defined goals
  •  Receive feedback and use it in a constructive manner

As an Incubator entrepreneur you will:

  •  Commit to participating and completing the one year incubation program
  •  Set program goals with your coach and program manager
  •  Dedicate 1 day per week or more to the program during the duration of the program
  •  Actively participate in monthly workshops
  •  Check in weekly with your designated business coach
  •  Participate in biannual retreats
  •  Participate in monthly surveys, an exit survey, regular feedback sessions and annual post- I3 Program surveys
  •  Pitch at the public commencement at the end of the program

Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate is a passionate and committed social entrepreneur that has generated some revenue and gained some traction in a market for approximately one year and wants to take their venture to the next level.

1) Market feasibility

  •  Viable set of assumptions for financial sustainability and growth
  •  Preliminary analysis of your market
  •  Quality assessment of product/service feasibility
  • Indicators for evaluating success

2) Leadership

  • Demonstrated ability to create and maintain positive relationships
  • Grit: Proven ability to fail and get back up
  • Passion and commitment for the cause at hand
  • Personal integrity
  • Willing to think out of the box, take risks and be innovative

3) Social impact

  • Ability to achieve sustainable social change
  • Deep understanding of the needs of beneficiaries/customers
  • Venture has high potential for impact
  • Severity of gap being fulfilled
  • Potential for job creation
  • Potential for community involvement

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