The I-Cube (Innovate, Iterate and Incubate) Program is Nepal Communitere’s holistic business incubation program supported by UK Aid. It is designed to assist Nepali businesses to build a strong foundation for growth.

The Program provides entrepreneurs/startups exclusive access to monthly masterclasses, 1-1 strategic business and financial literacy coaching, leadership development and direct access to finance along with a network of industry experts and technical consultants. We provide a dynamic, collaborative space to equip entrepreneurs with the means to pioneer innovative solutions, iterate and refine their ideas, and become self-reliant.

I3 Incubation Program Overview

The third cohort of I-Cube is a six month incubation program, starting in October 2020. It will be based at Nepal Communitere in Pulchowk, Lalitpur. 

The Program is a participatory learning experience that provides Nepali entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, tools, networks and resources they need. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a need and urgency for entrepreneurs to pivot and adapt their businesses with the new changing and challenging environment for which Nepali startups need support, guidance and a nurturing environment to develop or iterate their businesses for growth and survival. 

The I-Cube business incubation program offers a flexible curriculum designed and delivered to allow entrepreneurs to determine their own action plans to meet specific milestones for success, growth and sustainability keeping in mind the new business environment we’re seeing today. This new innovative learning model includes:

  • Monthly masterclasses conducted virtually via online platforms such as zoom
  • Bi-weekly business coaching sessions to execute new knowledge and skills
  • Access to office hours with entrepreneurs and practitioners to offer strategy, direction, help with troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • Makerspace to design and prototype with 3D printers, plasma cutter, welding, and carpentry tools (based on requirement)
  • Nepal Communitere’s network of industry experts and technical consultants
  • Dynamic furnished co-working space, with hi-speed internet and backup electricity (depending on the COVID-19 situation)   
  • Post Investment coaching and governance

Why Apply

  • Seed Funds
    Upto NPR 1 lakh for startups trying to develop new business vertices, ready to pivot, iterate and adopt innovative business models and solutions
  • Business coaching
    One-on-one biweekly meetings with a designated business coach, who will help you address challenges that come up during the program
  • Co-working space
    6 months access to the Nepal Communitere Makerspace and co-working space (based on the COVID-19 situation and requirement)
  • Business acumen
    Gain access to a comprehensive business development curriculum and learning resources
  • Industry-specific expertise
    Work with and learn from experts working within your industry through mentorship, in-person workshops and peer learning
  • Professional support
    Access one-on-one advising and cut costs in marketing, fundraising, executive/leadership coaching, accounting and legal professionals and other advisors
  • Peer learning
    Entrepreneurs in the cohort work collaboratively and learn from one another
  • Access to capital
    Intimate panels of donors, investors, lenders and funders give their tricks of the trade and help you determine what form of capital is best for your venture’s structure and scale
  • Amplified visibility
    Gain customers and visibility through I-Cube blog, social media networks and mailing list
  • I-Cube program staff
    Program staff ensure that you make valuable connections and receive appropriate assistance


You are motivated, coachable and have a business venture that is trying to develop new business vertices and ready to pivot, iterate and adopt innovation to your enterprise. Your business is legally registered and based in Nepal. Having a functioning leadership team is encouraged, but not required.

As an Incubator entrepreneur you will:

  • Commit to participate and complete the six month long incubation program
  • Set program goals with your business coach and program manager
  • Dedicate minimum 1 day per week or more during the duration of the program
  • Mandatory participation in monthly masterclasses, bi-weekly business coachings and other related programs and events 
  • Participate in monthly surveys, a baseline interview, an exit survey, regular feedback sessions and post I-Cube Program surveys
  • Pitch at the public commencement at the end of the program

Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate is a passionate Nepal based entrepreneur that has generated some revenue and is ready to pivot, iterate and adapt with the new and changing business environment brought by COVID-19 pandemic. I-Cube Program 2020 is designed to support entrepreneurs who are trying to develop new vertices for their business as a means to adapt and grow along with this new normal and want to take their venture to the next level. 

  • Businesses beyond the ideation phase with at least 1-2 years of traction in the market
  • Entrepreneurs/startups who demonstrate a readiness to iterate, pivot, and adopt innovative approaches to survive and grow their businesses
  • Need basic and practical business development skills    
  • Proactive, passionate, and visionary founders
  • Hungry to learn, grow and network

Click here to get I-Cube 2020 FAQs to know more about the program!

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