Saying Farewell To Our Kusum!

By Samanata Thapa

If you have ever been to Nepal Communitere or have worked with us, you’ll notice that majority of our team running and leading this dynamic hub are women and among them, Kusum is someone you might have seen or met at our office most often and always! Kusum joined this Nepal Communitere family back in 2018 as we were hustling and preparing for our grand I-Cube demo day event, year’s financial audits, and closings. As Kusum joined our family, she stepped up immediately to support the entire team and most importantly, our accounts and finance department. Today, as we bid farewell to the year 2021 and enter 2022 with new hopes and dreams for Impact Hub Kathmandu, we bid farewell to one of our core and dedicated staff, Kusum Bhatta who has been an integral part of our growth story as a community hub in Nepal. Here’s a short article coverage on Kusum’s journey that’s truly dedicated to celebrating her impeccable contribution to building Nepal Communitere into what it’s today!

Kusum, how did you start your journey with Nepal Communitere?

I joined Nepal Communitere in 2018 as a Finance Assistant. I was inspired to join the organization when I learned about the diversity of programs it had to offer and the women’s leadership in the organization. I recall having found a women-friendly work environment where I would be understood. As a young mother myself, the fact that my colleagues were also working mothers gave me the courage to advance my professional career and also be actively present for my daughter. 

How has your journey at Communitere been?

I feel more confident than I used to be. I worked across seven different projects in my three years in Communitere. The diversity of programs helped me understand how to handle finance in the entrepreneurial and development sector. My work here helped me understand the impact of investment in young ideas. Each time a start-up we incubated graduated from our incubation program, I felt proud to have been a part of their journey as a changemaker and entrepreneur to make a difference in Nepal.

As we also welcome co-workers in our co-working space, I got to learn a lot about ideas that turn into businesses for change. I would be excited for the Coffee and Cake session where all the co-workers came together and networked with each other. I realized that I am not just a part of an organization but the community we have been creating to foster leadership and entrepreneurship in Nepal. I often come across as an introvert, but Communitere helped me come out of my comfort zone and practice networking.

What has been your most memorable experience at Communitere?

I was most inspired by the Demo-Day, an idea pitching event for entrepreneurs incubated at Nepal Communitere. When I listened to their journey with Communitere and saw their raw ideas change into business plans and models, it encouraged me to thrive and be dedicated to my work. Each time I handed an entrepreneur their seed fund, I felt empowered in exchange and proud of myself. Results make a huge difference while we are working and to see businesses grow was an output of the work that we do. I felt grateful to be working in a team that cared to bring the best out of our team and the teams we worked with.  

What will you miss the most about Communitere?

I will miss the Chiya-guffs, celebrations, and the comfort of my colleagues. But I will mostly miss the diversity under one roof that helped me grow and be more confident than I used to be. The support system at Communitere has been amazing and I feel lucky to have experienced it. 

Kusum, you have been an integral part of the Communitere Family and as you spread your wings to explore and immerse into a new journey, we wish you the best for the adventures ahead! Thank you for your commitment, love, and support for Nepal Communitere.