Welcoming Our New Finance Officer, Aashish to Impact Hub Kathmandu!

As we enter a new year and transition from Nepal Communitere into Impact Hub Kathmandu, we have welcomed a new team member, Aashish Ghimire as our Finance Officer. We take the opportunity to introduce you to Ashish and learn about his passion, goals, and vision with us!

  1. Can you share with us in brief about yourself and what you did before joining the Impact Hub Kathmandu?

Prior to joining Impact Hub Kathmandu, I was an entrepreneur and a social worker. My work as a social worker started in 2012 when I along with my team of passionate youths helped to build and set up a school in Jholunge, Sindhupalchowk through our NGO, Educating Nepal. I volunteered to establish the school until it could self-sustain itself and transition into a government school. Soon after, I made my way to Birtamod as a Finance Officer in B&C Hospital for two years. I realized that unlike Kathmandu, where food and cafe culture was on the rise with plenty of places to choose from,  the residents in Birtamod significantly lacked this comfort and a place with good food and ambience. That is how my journey as an entrepreneur started with Moksha, a first-of-its-kind fine-dine restaurant in Birtamod, established out of the need to cater to the needs of the people in Birtamod. 

2. How did you hear about the Impact Hub Kathmandu position? What made you want to join?

I found out about a vacancy at Impact Hub Kathmandu through Linkedin. I instantly fell in love with the concept, programs, and work culture on my first visit and meeting with the team. The interview felt more like a solution-oriented conversation and less of the traditional job interviews that I have been to in the past. As an entrepreneur myself, it was the impact that Impact Hub Kathmandu creates in the entrepreneurial ecosystem that made me want to join the team and organization. I wanted to become a part of the change and impact we create in the lives of entrepreneurs at Impact Hub Kathmandu.

3. Joining as finance officer in Impact Hub Kathmandu, what will be your specific role and work?

I will be responsible for overseeing day-to-day financial management and operations by troubleshooting, problem-solving, and supporting the team in building efficiency. I will be involved in the budget management and financial regulation of diverse programs in the organization and look forward to the financial and post-investment coaching to different enterprises across our programs.

4. What excites you at Impact Hub Kathmandu?

I am really excited about my work. In theory, a finance officer is only responsible for sitting in the computer. But here I get to connect with a diverse range of programs that are simultaneously going on. I am really excited about FAB LAB and being able to connect and provide these facilities to the Nepali community. I was even able to connect with different people and stories of the people whom I have come across in my first month in the organization. I am inspired by the ongoing programs like RESA and Tourovation where we support entrepreneurs to adopt green technology and look forward to similar programs and projects that create an impact in the business ecosystem of Nepal.