Impact Hub is Coming to Kathmandu!

By Bahar Kumar

Come…JOIN THE JOURNEY to create and launch Impact Hub Kathmandu with us!

We are so excited to share the news that Nepal Communitere was invited to join the global Impact Hub network! This is a testament to the wonderful progress and impact that our community has already unleashed for Nepal. This is a glimpse of what’s ahead, what will the journey look like, and how you can get involved.

First of All, What is Impact Hub?

Impact Hub is exactly this – the largest global network focusing on building entrepreneurial communities for impact at scale. Nepal will be the 11th member of the Asia Pacific Cluster to join this like-minded tribe of changemakers from places like Dhakka, Phnom Penh, Manila, Jakarta, Yangon, Kuala Lumpur, Kyoto, and Tokyo.

What Does this Mean for Nepal Communitere?

For Nepal Communitere this is a huge opportunity to take our work that was seeded here in Patan following the earthquakes of 2015, to the next level. We will build global partnerships and collaborations and share our learnings while bringing in best practices to support Nepal’s impact agenda. Nepal Communitere will transition to become Impact Hub Kathmandu with our official launch in January 2022!

What Will be the Process?

Nepal Communitere is currently in the Impact Hub Onboarding Accelerator Program, participating in workshops focusing on community engagement, program design, building a team, developing our business model and management structure. As an Impact Hub Candidate we will receive our license to become Impact Hub KTM by January 2022. Nepal Communitere will go through a name change and transition to Impact Hub Kathmandu, still based in our funky space in Pulchowk, with the same spunky team inviting you all to join this exciting movement!

How Can I Get Involved With Impact Hub KTM?

Impact Hub Kathmandu will only succeed through your voice to help determine what gaps and needs the Hub should focus on. Our entrepreneurship ecosystem has grown tremendously, and the aim of Impact Hub KTM is to work with all the different players to determine what is critically missing that Impact Hub KTM can support.

You can join us as an intern, a co-creator, a mentor, a host, a champion, or a thought partner. Bring your head and your hearts to help bring true impact for Kathmandu.

We will be holding weekly Town Hall Meetings every Friday to invite different groups to share their thoughts and ideas on how Impact Hub can best build impact in areas such as gender and inclusivity, climate change, and environmental sustainability. How can Impact Hub KTM best meet your needs to build community, host events, and design powerful solutions to some of Nepal’s most pressing challenges?

We held our first Town Hall Meeting with our previous and current entrepreneurs and co-workers and the feedback and connections were powerful. We shared stories of support and outlined specific ways Impact Hub KTM can support not just entrepreneurs but our larger community of changemakers. We celebrated our connections and recognized the need to be truly inclusive. So CONGRATULATIONS to all of us for once again getting Nepal on the global map towards building bold yet mindful transformation. We left feeling awed and inspired! 

Watch the Nepal Communitere Facebook Page for future updates and invites for our Impact Hub Town Hall Meetings through the months of November and December.