Nana Jungle Resort: Transforming Jungle Experience with Wildlife, People, and Environment

By: Samanata Thapa

Famous for the second largest population of the one-horned rhinoceros, the critically endangered Gharials, Royal Bengal Tigers and home to over 68 species mammals, 576 species birds and 49 species of reptiles and amphibians, Chitwan National Park spreads over Chitwan, Nawalpur, Makwanpur, and Parsa district.  And if you’re tired of accessing it through Sauraha, tucked away from the usual is the Nana Jungle Resort, situated in the Tharu village of Amaltari in Nawalparasi, right across the Narayani river providing different access to the national park and Tharu culture that surrounds it. 

Big on promoting community based activities and keeping harmony with the wildlife that surrounds the resort, Nana Jungle Resort belongs to the chain of hotels run by the Nana Group. The first Nana hotel was established back in Thamel in 1992 and the only hotel, up until Vivek Pyakuryal, CEO of Nana took responsibility of the family business and expanded it to Patan, Pokhara, Sauraha, Nawalparasi and Dhampus with the sole aim of providing quality experience at affordable rates.

Having spent most of his life abroad, Vivek came back to Nepal in 2012 with the aim to seek opportunities within the country. While travelling across Nepal, he experienced the absence of affordable, safe and comfortable accommodation limiting travelers, especially women, to explore Nepal at its truest potential. In order to bridge the gap between one’s wish, safety and the budget to travel, Vivek along with his family embarked on the journey to make accommodations across Nepal budget friendly, safe and an enriching experience.

As a growing leader in the hospitality industry, the team has been making environmentally conscious decisions leading them to participate in the ICIMOD Tourovation Hub as one of the 8 Tourism Enterprises to integrate Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient solutions into their business. Despite the current lockdown, the Nana Jungle Resort is busy working towards becoming one of the first plastic free resorts that not only practices but also promotes sustainable lifestyle through the activities at the resort, creating responsible tourism in Nepal. The reduced plastic use and adoption of clean energy alternatives at the resort are expected to help keep the jungle pollution free and continue to maintain harmony with the wildlife. Vivek believes that it is not just actions but awareness that creates socially and environmentally sustainable changes, hence he and his team is invested in creating awareness amongst their guests, employees, community, and investors.

The Tourovation Hub has really helped us understand the important social and environmental elements that we must include in our business model and the technicalities of achieving our vision. It has helped us stay focused on our strategies to meet our goals even during the second wave of the pandemic in Nepal. We feel like we have come closer to becoming a resilient business through the Tourovoation program.

Vivek Pyakuryal, CEO, Nana Hotels and Nana Holiday Homes

A value-driven chain of hotels, Nana Holiday Homes has a holistic approach to running their business with the environment, people, and sustainability at the core. Meals at the jungle resort are prepared with fresh ingredients sourced from the local Tharu farmers. The resort practices waste segregation and the segregated waste is provided to local farmers for composting. Most employees at the resort are recruited from the community creating equal opportunities for indigenous men and women in the locality and preventing potential brain drain. 40% of the team members at the resort are women. Similarly, the resort mobilizes local resources for transportation and jungle safari, contributing to the local economy. In the last few years, the Nana group has significantly switched to solar energy, ensuring the least impact on the environment to operate their hotels across the country.

Employees and the backbone of Nana Jungle Resort

The Team at Nana is committed to being responsible towards nature, community, and people that we work with. We want to be the most hospitable company in Nepal by creating heartfelt experiences for Guests; meaningful opportunities for Team Members through training and exposure; high value for Owners through improved profitability; and a positive impact on the environment and local community through reduced plastic waste, increase clean energy use, equitable job creation, capacity building and increase retention of tourism revenue in the destination.

Vivek Pyakuryal, CEO, Nana Hotels and Nana Holiday Homes

Dedicated to your safety, Nana Hotels across Nepal has the best COVID-19 Safety protocols with the safety of their guests and staff as their number one priority. So if you’re looking for a place where you can feel safe and secured, there is no better place than Nana Hotels. 

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