Growth from Within at Nepal Communitere

As we enter into a new year of growth and transformation this 2020, Nepal Communitere is really excited to announce a new leadership structure. As our team collectively reflected on the achievements and roles that each played to keep this community-led hub vibrant and running, it organically emerged that we required fresh leadership from within the organization, especially team members who have grown together through thick and thin. Aarati Joshi and Padmakshi Rana are joining Bahar as Deputy Directors in leading this dynamic innovation hub. 

Under her egalitarian leadership, Bahar has always focused on binding the team together towards Communitere’s vision, while creating an environment to nurture intrateam leadership. The new team will remain committed to continue providing an innovative, open and inclusive workspace for bold innovators and creative changemakers throughout Nepal.

Bahar will be the Strategic Advisor for Nepal Communitere. Addressing the purpose behind this step, she says, “we want to leverage the leadership and new vision that is already present within our team. It’s about creating the space for leadership to grow within the organization and I believe that it’s the right time and opportunity for me to coach, mentor, advise, deeply listen, appropriately challenge and troubleshoot when I see the team is stuck.” Bahar has been part of Communitere since 2016 and as the Strategic Advisor, she will be looking out for new projects in the innovation ecosystem as well as the soon to be launched Nepal FabLab to support more research and development, rapid prototyping and business support services for early-stage startups. She will continue to engage in proposal writing, fundraising and program design for the organization. With this new role, Bahar is excited to further apply more design-thinking practices and foster a stronger coaching culture in Nepal.

Padmakshi will be the Programs Director. She joined Nepal Communitere in January 2019 as our Sustainability Champion and will now be managing and implementing programs, like the I-Cube Business Incubation: the flagship program of Nepal Communitere. “I am really excited about this new role and responsibilities that come with it” shares Padmakshi, emphasizing on how she is looking forward to working in the upcoming programs like the Nepal FabLab, an artist residency program on Mediated Reality, and taking I-Cube to Province 5 and exploring how to support women-led enterprises. She adds, “it’s really fulfilling working at Nepal Communitere, it provides me the space to evolve, explore and reconnect with my professional aspirations.” 

Aarati will be the Finance & Admin Director. She has been with the organization for 3 years and now will oversee investments for some of our  I-Cube startups and supporting them in stronger financial literacy skills and business practices. With the enthusiasm for this next big phase, Aarati says, “Nepal Communitere is about to start one of its first investment fund management where I am going to take a lead along with Anil. I am thrilled to work on it.” She also looks after all the administrative work that falls under the logistics and legal needs of the organisation.

As bold and inspiring as they sound, these wonderful mothers have excelled in balancing both their personal and professional life. According to them, the flexibility that Nepal Communitere offers has made it easier for them to do so. As the culture and the environment of the organization is extremely supportive and empathetic, they do not need to compromise on their familial responsibilities while coming on board to take the lead. For us designing a human-centred work environment means not being confined to a 9-5, Monday-Friday work week, but allows for true ownership, trust and self-accountability.