Tenant Spotlight: International Design Collective

International Design Collective is an architectural design studio currently housed in Nepal Communitere. The co-founders, Heena Gyawali and Jagdish Kurapati, with there dynamic collaboration and innovation, add to the buzz of creativity generated here. They are excited about design and innovation and care about making a difference in the world of architecture.

IDC’s design philosophy is quite simple; the design process should be a collective effort between all of the architects who are part of IDC. The result of this collaboration is bound to be different from what is common in the market. It’s a group of young creative people that want to do something different. Every project that IDC undertakes has a design philosophy that’s different though, so that their projects are unlike one other and reflects the client’s individual needs and values.

Having just gone through the startup phase with zero initial investment, there’s a lot to learn from IDC. Heena says there are a couple things that are necessary: you have to be energetic and highly motivated and can’t be tired at all since you are representing your office. This means that you have to be very strong mentally and physically. Another important things, she says, is that the people in your company should be like your family.

“In our architecture classes we learn that ideally you should have a studio where you can imagine things that are unimaginable or haven’t come into being yet. Our office is a studio, we believe our ideas are limitless, and this studio is a platform for the limitless”, says Heena.

IDC organizes a monthly forum where professional architects are brought in to discuss design and talk about their experience. To learn more about IDC, and to stay updated on their events, check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/International-design-collective-IDC-964246877057286/


To contact them, email: [email protected]