I-Cubers attend the NEXT Growth Conclave 2019!

This year, Nepal Communitere was extremely pleased to collaborate with the Next Growth Conclave 2019 and maximize shared resources and knowledge, in order to break down silos and further strengthen coordinated efforts towards building Kathmandu’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Bahar Kumar speaks on the ‘‘Building Inclusive Ecosystems for Sustainable Growth’ at the NEXT Growth Conclave 2019.

One of Nepal Communitere’s seven core principles is to ‘Connect, Communicate and Collaborate’. In every partnership we seek out, whether short or long term, our organization is guided by the belief that the best results come when diverse, key players can come together for a common goal. Nepal Communitere’s foray into the startup scene in Kathmandu began in 2017 with the launch of the I-Cube program in 2017, one of the very first locally designed, year-long business incubation programs in Nepal. Since then, we have been working diligently to build meaningful partnerships across the pipeline, from those who coach startups through professional associations and academia to banking and non-banking financial institutions that offer access to finance.

As an organization Nepal Communitere got to share the story of its own journey as a startup. Bahar Kumar from the Nepal Communitere team sat on a panel to discuss ‘Building Inclusive Ecosystems for Sustainable Growth’ where she shared how Nepal Communitere’s sheer survival is determined by inclusivity, diversity and accessibility for bold visionary Nepali startups. It is in fact, the marrow of our work as a community-driven innovation hub.

Co-founder of Nuga: Essence Suyash Shrestha showcases their synthetic chemical free personal care products at the Startup Valley.

The NEXT Growth Conclave’s concept of bringing together global entrepreneurs, business leaders, and investors to share learnings of growth is one that resonated deeply with the work we have been doing via the I-Cube business incubation program. Our team often push  the I-Cubers to keep an open mind about collaborating with other startups, mentors, potential investors and strategic partners as long as there is alignment in vision and an opportunity for mutual growth. For the I-Cube entrepreneurs, the NEXT Growth Conclave’s Startup Valley was just the type of opportunity for expanding their networks. As founder of Ecoorb Initiatives, Sunny Rajopadhya put it, the Startup Valley offered something far more valuable than sales or product visibility. It offered access to a community startup founders, investors, potential partners. This type of an audience is invaluable for young startups like Ecoorb Initiatives and Antidote Nepal, who want to ensure growth and survival of their bold and innovative ideas within the larger business community in Kathmandu. 

Antidote Nepal is a clothing rental company looking to disrupt the Fashion industry’s exacerbation on climate change, one dress at a time!

Moving forward, both Ecoorb and Antidote will be following up with potential strategic partners and those who expressed interest in joining on as seed investors and board members through upcoming Investor Meet & Greets. If you are interested in meeting with either of these founders and learning about becoming a seed investor in their growing startup, please contact [email protected].