Response. Relief. Renewal.

Nepal Communitere is a Nepali run and based non-profit organization that brings together Nepali and international groups to operate as one community. Nepal Communitere provides a dynamic, collaborative space for relief and sustainable renewal, giving individuals and organizations the means to pioneer innovative solutions and become self-reliant. The Nepal Communitere Resource Center and Innovation Hub will enable international, national and local non-governmental organizations and communities to work together to transition from initial emergency relief to longer term development.

Nepal Communitere was founded in response to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake which struck Nepal on April 25th, 2015. The worst earthquake to hit Nepal in over 80 years, the disaster killed more than 9000 people and left 2.8 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. These devastating effects were further compounded by subsequent earthquakes, leaving affected communities in a state of trauma and insecurity.

Nepal Communitere is the Nepali branch of Communitere International, an innovative non-profit, pioneering an effective international model for sustainable disaster recovery. Our approach involves an active, experienced, on-the-ground presence with a focus on providing the resources, processes and tools required to empower local communities to take an active role in the renewal of their own community. In addition, we are committed to bridging the gap between individuals who are willing to help and organizations that can effect change. Central to that commitment is the notion that communication, information and strategic partnerships are vital to effective emergency response, recovery and renewal of affected communities.

A History of Success

A disaster, by definition, destroys communities by severely affecting not only life and normalcy but infrastructure, leadership and hope. But disasters also motivate those who have a heartfelt desire to help. In the aftermath of the 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean that caused the most deadly tsunami in history, an astonishing array of organizations and people responded, mobilized and arrived in record time. They brought energy, technology, skills, food and comfort… and they brought it all at once. Unfortunately, the heartbreaking result of this instantaneous outpouring was that it exposed fatal logistical gaps; rice rotted before it could fill empty stomachs, medicine expired before it could help the sick and dying, and water languished in warehouses while thirsty people drank fetid water contaminated by disaster.

Communitere grew out of this failure. In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami – and in Peru following the 2007 earthquake, in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and in the Philippines just after the 2013 typhoon – Communitere provided the ability to connect the dots at the final mile and created a foundation that provided a path to repair and to ensuring that everyone affected sees hope for the future. From closing the immediate gaps in the supply chains to helping rebuild homes once the emergency conditions abate, Communitere’s global network of volunteers and partner organizations come together to ensure that aid is efficiently and effectively used to rebuild communities that have been profoundly affected by disaster.

Nepal Communitere Team

Sam Bloch

Executive Director, Communitere International

Sam began working in post-disaster relief after hearing of the 2004 Asian Tsunami. As Project Manager for the Tsunami Volunteer Center (TVC) in Thailand, Sam led the reconstruction of the coastal village of Laem Pom.

After the Peruvian earthquake of 2007, Sam worked as Operations Director for Burners Without Borders (BWB) in Pisco, Peru. There he managed over 800 volunteers representing 34 countries, culminating in over 54,000 man-hours of relief operations. The program developed by Sam and BWB was handed over to local partners, which resulted in the founding of Pisco Sin Fronteras (PSF).

Most recently, Sam spent four years in Haiti, responding to the 2010 earthquake. It was in Port-au- Prince that he founded Communitere and the successful model of grassroots relief-response that has now been duplicated in the Philippines.

Aside from relief work, Sam is an avid climber and has designed and constructed multiple forest canopy zip-line tours.

Bahar Kumar

Nepal Strategic Advisor, Communitere International

Bahar is a strong relationship driven project manager. She’s an experienced strategic planner that takes organic ideas and transforms them into meaning- ful products and services for the community. She is an American, with deep roots in Nepal.

Her experience in Nepal has focused around working with communities, connecting people and helping others breakdown ideas into concrete steps for execution with teams.

Her goal is to catalyze innovation and create viable opportunities for dynamic Nepalis to build sustainable livelihoods.

More recently she’s taking a break from her public health career to focus on building Nepal Communitere into a successful self-sustainable grassroots organization.

During her off time, you can find Bahar goofing off with her little ones, building a new home with her Nepali soul mate, crocheting or building her yoga practice.

Kritika Lamsal

Treasurer, Nepal Communitere Board Member

Kritika is a development student at Kathmandu University, currently working on her final year thesis. She has been involved with various changemakers, organizations and initiatives working in the field of development in Nepal for the past five years. Anything that brings even a small difference to lives of local people keeps her going.

Currently, she works as the Coordinator for the London based magazine, Dreams, and occasionally writes for various print and online media. She was intensively working on the reconstruction of an earthquake-hit school in the rural village of Arupokhari, Gorkha last year when she encountered Communitere International and is happy to now be a part of this family.

When she is not obsessing over some fictional character of a book or a series, she can be found either in her kitchen experimenting with food or on her computer working on articles for her magazine. She enjoys evening walks, reading poems and getting to know new people.

Basu Gautam

Chair of Board, Nepal Communitere 

Basu Gautam, born and raised in the town of Bhairahawa near Lumbini and has over fourteen years of experience working with Nepalese community within Nepal and the United States. His professional experience includes being a National Program Coordinator of Demo Finland ‘Youth Project’ in Nepal, working closely with cross-party political youth and students of Nepal focusing on joint youth agenda and constructive dialogue, National Consultant of UNDP ‘Peace Building and Recovery Unit’ based in Kathmandu, Nepal consultant for United States Institute of Peace (USIP) working with security-sectors and civil society leaders and consultant for Princeton University’s ‘Innovation for Successful Societies’ research program in Nepal to name a few.

Besides his professional life, he is heavily involved in volunteer work through Lumbini World Peace Forum, an organization for which he currently serves as President. Lumbini World Peace Forum is dedicated to promoting peace and social justice through creativity, arts, innovation, cross-cultural dialogue and environmentalism. Mr. Gautam holds Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Strayer University, USA. He is married and has a daughter.

Dr. Nama Budhathoki

Nepal Communitere Board Member

Dr. Budhathoki received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and completed his postdoctoral training at McGill University.

He is the Founder and Executive Director at Kathmandu Living Labs, a not-for-profit civic tech company working to harness human potential and creativity by leveraging open data and open mapping technology. Kathmandu Living Labs had been creating maps in Nepal using OpenStreetMap, a tool allowing people from all over the world to add details to maps, such as road networks, hospitals and schools. These maps became a useful tool in assisting the response after the 2015 earthquakes, as it enabled those delivering relief materials to navigate more efficiently and effectively.

Due to his pioneering work here in Nepal, Dr.Budhathoki has earned himself worldwide renown, being featured in many prestigious media outlets, such as the New York Times and the BBC, as well as being invited to contribute to mapping events around the world.

Rajesh Lama

Nepal Communitere Board Member

Rajesh Lama (better known as Lama), is a certified freelance trekking guide and outdoor instructor, with five years experience in the outdoor adventure field in Nepal. Lama loves the outdoors and adventure sports and spends most of his time trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking.

He is certified in first aid and CPR WMI NOLS, Outdoor Leadership from Initiative Outdoor, Basic and Advanced Ice Climbing from Khumbu Climbing Centre and Basic Rescue as well as Basic Mountaineering from Nepal Mountaineering Association. Lama has great enthusiasm for learning, consistently striving to upgrade his skills and knowledge and in helping others do the same as an instructor, guide, mentor and friend.

Sujan Chitrakar

Nepal Communitere Board Member

Sujan Chitrakar is a Kathmandu based visual artist, curator and the head of Center for Art and Design at Kathmandu University. He curated “Retrospective of Birendra Pratap Singh-2015” and was in the curatorial team of Photo.Kathmandu 2015. He facilitated Kathmandu International Art Festival – Earth | Body | Mind in 2012 as a Creative and Logistic Consultant and has also co-curate its first edition – “Separating Myths from the Reality” in 2009.

He received Fulbright Senior Scholar Award 2013-14 for an artistic research project at Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia. He has several participations in international group exhibitions that include his representation for Nepal at Fukuoka Triennale 2005 and Colombo Art Biennale 2011. His solos include “The Marks of Our Time” 2015, “Utopian Introspection -Random Expressions within Defined Periphery”, 2004, “Masticated Faces” 2004 and “let’s talk about ART, baby!” 2010-11. He is one of the founding members of Sutra Nepal, an artist-led group pro-active during 2003-08. Sujan’s works are in private collections within Nepal and abroad including in Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan. His presentation and talk venues include Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, University of Notre Dame, California Institute of Arts, University of Utah, Westminster College, Cornish College of the Arts, and Yale University.

Currently, he is involved with #RebuildingBungamati Project and has contributed voluntarily to serve the community of Bungamati through various programs. In his free time, he organizes PechaKucha Night Kathmandu.

Kuldip Malla

Country Director

Kuldip’s passion for paving the way for new organizations to take off drew him to the work of Nepal Communitere. After his MBA, he started his career with marketing and communications, and now specializes in operations management, human resource management and corporate governance. In his 10 years of professional experience Kuldip facilitated a de-merger of a large media organization in Nepal building critical systems, policies and procedures. He has hands on experience assisting in the development of various community-based BCC interventions from the ground up and working with diverse partnerships to host national events such as the International day of the Girl Child 2011, 2012, 2013 and the first ever version of the Nepal Girl Summit 2016 inaugurated by HRH Prince Harry of Wales and Rt. Honorable President Mrs. Bidya Devi Bhandari. He is excited to help launch the first Humanitarian Mini Maker Faire in Kathmandu this September.

This ‘Jack of all trades’ can be found cycling around the hills of the Kathmandu valley when let loose….

 Shiwani Neupane

Operations Director

Shiwani is taking a break from her private sector job at Ambe Group of Industries in Nepal where she worked as an Assistant Director. She was mostly involved in the instant noodle faction where she supervised the team. Shiwani is also a fiction writer, and her novel Crossing Shadows was published in December 2015. A graduate of the Columbia Journalism School, her freelance pieces can be found occasionally on local and international publications. She is very excited to be a part of the Nepal Communitere team and finds the work here very rewarding.

Rashmi Maharjan

Finance and Administrative Intern

Rashmi Maharjan is a recent Bachelors of Business Administration graduate of Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM). She is a finance major and has been a cloudworker at Cloud-factory Nepal for three years now. In addition, she has also worked as an intern at Bank of Kathmandu, as a data specialist at Cloudfactory Nepal, as an assistant to the accountant at KUSOM and has volunteered at organizations including Nepal Red Cross Society and Autism Care Nepal.

She is currently working at Nepal Communitere as a finance and administrative intern assisting the operations director. A keen learner and determined person, she aims to further her career in finance or economic sectors. During her leisure, she loves to paint, read or travel.

Deepika Juliana Neupane

Communications Intern

Deepika Juliana Neupane is a high school graduate currently working at Nepal communitere as a Communications intern. She wants to pursue a bachelors degree in International Relations and aims to work for Nepal government. She’s passionate about human right issues.

Dilep K.C

Base Manager, Logistical Coordinator

Dilep is from Dolakha Jiri district, and he moved to Kathmandu 26 years ago. He has been with Nepal Communitere since they set up their new Resource Center in Patan. Dilep has years of experience in maintenance, electronics, transportation and many different areas of building. It is safe to say that Dilep is an invaluable member of the team; he makes sure that everything runs smoothly around the center and has a hand in the majority of Nepal Communitere’s projects.

Seeta Mahato


Seeta has worked at Nepal Communitere since its inception, and is a valued member of the Nepal Communitere staff. She is responsible for making the most delicious lunch served at our office.


Shanti Maharjan


Shanti is a valued member of the Nepal Communitere staff. She is responsible for making the most delicious lunch served at our office, and is well-known for her friendly demeanor.